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    While I was sleeping,
    Something I was dreaming,
    May be in a fantasy world
    Eating some tasty curd.

    The fantasy world gave me a surprise
    Which I saw with my eyes,
    The surprise was a tasty fairy cake
    Near the beautiful lake.

    A beautiful fairy came to me
    Who was looking a bit silly,
    She asked me, "who are you?"
    About me, I gave her a little clue.

    Then came some girls
    With their hair full of curls,
    They took me to a place
    Where I reached through some fairy trace.

    They were about to make me a princess
    Full of elegance, but
    Suddenly my dream got over
    Because of the alarm's interference.

    The alarm clock started ringing
    And the birds started singing,
    My dream didn't come to an end
    This is what the alarm clock had made a trend.

    It disturbs me everytime
    This is the biggest crime,
    The alarm clock is the biggest interference
    Which never lets my dream to end with clearance.