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    Silence is my best friend,
    It helps me in Introspection.
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    Lost/ Silence

    I am lost in sea and I can’t see the stars,
    I am lost in sea, with empty cartons and jars.
    I am lost in sea, dreaming jets and cars,
    I am lost in me, with my mind miles afar.
    When I am lost in me, the light can’t put out the dark,
    I am lost by my own deceit; truth is close but appears far.
    When you want to stay lost, stars can’t help,
    They could lead you ashore but the sea tempts.
    The quiet of the sea might outdo the rest,
    The moisture might fail to hurt your breath.
    The freedom of the sea might be better,
    Than checking every step cause there are snakes on every ladder.
    Sometimes its better to be lost at sea,
    It soothes your heart more than ever it could be,
    The solitude might not be the best you need,
    But silence is not always too deafening,
    Sometimes it listens to and comforts your mind,
    When the world around is deaf or acts blind,
    It helps me not to ignore the positive signs,
    And be grateful for what today is mine.
    Life has blessed me with many friends,
    To laugh and have fun with, to help me mend,
    But silence has been the only one,
    Which though I fight and sometimes I run from,
    Has listened intently and provided solutions,
    In all capability to all my problems.