• apoorvasahu 31w

    A voyage of love - From never to forever coast #30

    I entered into the classroom. I saw Garvit (I forgot all about him).
    We three sat down. New faculty Mr. Abhinav was taking the class. My mind was still searching Pradeep sir.
    Anyhow I finished up my class and came back to the room. Lavi and Soumya was still not arrived.
    After an hour they both returned and tried to cheer up.
    " I am alright! I only liked him, nothing else" I spoke all of sudden.
    I had cook Maggie for all of us.
    "Would you like to have? "
    Maggie always act as a stress buster for and is ultimate love.
    "Yippee! " they sang cheerfully.
    We three enjoyed the favourite snack of time. We fought for the last bite. We laughed and enjoyed. I felt nice.
    How do you deal with your stress?