• ritvik_tuteja 6w

    The Uniquely Ideal Trainer

    The first impression you'd make of her
    Is one of warmth, hospitality & cheers
    Always concerned for each persons progress
    She meets & greets all irrespective
    She's respectfully groomed on various levels
    Amidst each consultant, she leads by example
    Channelling her thoughts positively for her people
    Highly respected & acclaimed by each one

    Supported & backed by her little family
    Her partner, in each phase is he supporting
    With her little Diva on her side each moment
    Her lookalike, she's full of action & expression
    Determined that her progeny succeeds
    She invests well in the best upbringing

    A trainer & consultant in life & image
    She aspires in each one to bring out the best
    Valuing principles & around her the little things
    In the true nature of all, is she in acceptance
    Fun loving yet focussed in her forte
    She aspires to be ideal & unique each day