• scarecrow 10w

    I like urgent people who are harmless. People whose blood contains more impulsiveness than haemoglobin. People who give in to their spontaneity because that's how they roll. People who instantaneously close their eyes and pray when they hear the siren of an ambulance. People who finish a book in one sitting. People who burst into laughter, unapologetically. People who are quick to compliment when they spot something beautiful. Those that are swift to praise over a text that they make typos. My grandma eating a plate of mangoes—like summer isn't going to come anymore. Like she forgets heaven is filled with fruits. My little cousin with crayons. Strangers with effortless smiles. Those who are emergent in their kindness. Those that hurry to help. People who do not think a moment to be who they are. Those that burn with an aura that scathes nobody. People who have that look in their faces like they can conquer the world, without war. People who are immediate. People who revel in their chaos and hurt none.

    And I like those that take their time. People who pause and think before they say something nice. People who let the situation absorb them. Those that delay a little to reply till the right words come to them. Those who do not pluck flowers but wait, and string together for you the most beautiful wreath with the fallen ones. People who are gentle with their love. Those who are calm and soft. Those that will look into your eyes for a while before breaking into a smile. People who hesitate a bit because they're secretive like that with their stories. People who'll stand up and applaud for you after the entire audience has left. Those that would fill your quiet void when you've been expecting it the least. Those who build the suspense only to make the surprise worth it. People who shadow their tenderness with silence before they're ready to reveal their true colors.

    I like those that react and those that respond. But most of all I love it when the rapid natured ones time out, and the cautiously trained ones, rush and spill about. I mean if I ever sat conversing with both these people at once, then I'd live to see the moment in which they'd switch spots, without rising.