• iam_rose 10w

    At times we feel
    crippled and waned
    Saddened and torn
    Drab and dismal
    Chaos reigning the whole
    Pain submerging the soul
    One feels like dying
    Breaths squeezing
    Senses appear defunct
    We kneel down to the prayers
    Wring our heart
    Wrench our soul
    Cry so hard
    Moisten the cheeks
    Till we get swollen red eyes
    We breathe deeply
    We feel connected
    Through the eternal connection
    We to our lord
    make our miseries known
    Though He holds everything
    clung to the core
    beneath the folds
    Nothing skips His discretion
    We are stuck in pain
    All we do;
    Exhale pain
    Inhale relief
    We feel cured,
    For the Supreme dwelling above
    addresses our prayers
    ends the trauma
    and enlivens
    our extinguished hopes
    Prayer has the POWER
    to vanish the gloom
    though gradual
    does englow the smudge-stuck faces
    and change the FATE...