• voiceophone 23w


    Who's she?
    She is still that same person,
    She is the antidote to the poison,
    She kills the disease - loneliness,
    She fills you with happiness and liveliness,
    She makes you worth the smile
    And you worry-less,
    She's the Queen not the princess,
    She has the Key for your weakness
    To make you strong in fitness,
    She will make your struggle-less,
    She is awesome!
    She won't leave you in boredom,
    She puts smile on your face and u look not dull,
    She may be white or black but,
    She won't leave you in Dark,
    She's worth the fight of Love 'cos,
    Of all she's done,
    She is your all in all,

    Who is she?