• shivangi28 10w

    Lock down

    If lock down would have been a person, it would have felt so miserable and unwanted on its arrival.
    No one actually knew how to welcome it and if this rival will beat their survival.
    How weird is the feeling of being locked behind your own door,
    the key to which has no use anymore.
    And you look at this new member in the house, curse and abhor.
    Lock down sat quietly at one corner of your house,
    watching this game of cat and mouse.
    Nothing felt the same and the situation got exacerbated
    Everybody wanted to throw out this lock down which was reluctantly being dated.
    Days went by but lock down remained calm despite being despised.
    Then one day it became 2.0, breaking it's composure and magically disguised.
    People started accepting it as a family member,
    With a hot cup of coffee in hand they actually ponder it's splendour.
    Some found their lost hobbies, some got along with their families,
    Some became chef and some fitness freak
    But trust me everyone was unique.
    On the other side, economy suffered with the coming of the lock down
    And many more faced the hullabaloo as they had to rush to their hometown.
    The lock down finally left out homes leaving everything lurching
    One thing is for sure it drove us all closer to heart searching.