• raghavendran 5w

    A Bride Confides to Her Bosom Friend.

    A Bride Confides to Her Bosom Friend.

    Oh! priya saki*, come close and listen,
    Ask not why my eyes glisten,
    Don't open your curious eyes wide,
    From you I shall not any secrets hide.

    Do you know what happened last night
    To my utmost delight?
    On the flower-strewn bed was I,
    I was alone, you sure know why.

    The clock struck the hour of sleep,
    My heart suddenly gave a leap
    When my groom strode gently in
    With a smile and a mischievous grin.

    I returned a shy smile
    While he watched me the while,
    Closing the door with a gentle push
    He reached the bed to see me blush.

    While I sat with my head bowed
    He stole towards me with courage endowed,
    In suspense I waited for the next move,
    I heard him whisper " my dear love".

    I blushed the deepest crimson ever
    And with both hands my face I did cover,
    With boldness that marks a valiant man
    He kissed my hands revealing his plan.

    Removing my hands he gazed at me
    And his longing I could clearly see,
    I trembled at his gentle touch
    Which he seemed to relish much.

    He let my head rest on the pillow
    Whispering sweet nothings in a voice mellow,
    When darkness fell sudden in the room
    I felt the probing fingers of my groom.

    A frightened gasp escaped from me,
    I knew not what next was going to be,
    He snuggled close, very close, to me,
    And I was no longer free.

    His arm crossed over my bosom
    And we were entwined as twosome,
    A new world opened to me
    To which my groom held the key.

    Hey! I shall not reveal anymore,
    But with me don't ever be sore,
    For it is a secret between me and my groom
    As to what happened in the darkened room.

    *dear friend

    Raghav R