• halen_crutz 10w

    The biggest fool to have ever loved you..bruh!

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    Why didn't you tell me that before?
    Three years I've been waiting for you.
    Hadn't it ever made a sense?
    That I have always loved you.
    You mad me laugh,
    Made me cry.
    But never wondered why.
    You're the best I've got.
    The best to lose.
    I'm ready to give what it takes,
    Only and just for you.
    All these years,
    I haven't been alone,
    Though wondering about you,
    I've always been blown.
    My screaming dreams of you,
    Have never made any sense.
    But later i understood,
    They were just warnings of you.
    And just like that,
    You fooled me out.
    You broke the heart which was tired,
    Heart of the girl on fire.