• goddessofpoetry 6w

    #no to sexual assault
    #break the silence
    #Silence Kills
    # no to rape

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    Dear Past Me,
    I find it safe to say you are the reason why
    I am suffering so much. If only you had
    spoken up. If only you had reported it.
    But no you had to follow foolish advice
    and be quiet. You had to try and endure
    the pain alone. You caused me to start
    thinking about self harm. You caused me
    to ponder suicide. Are you proud of your
    silence? Are you proud of who I had
    become? Now I feel trapped I my head
    all because of your silence. All
    because of your stupidity. You
    refused to seek closure now am
    despising oxygen. Now I cant focus.
    Now I am a shell. Now I am hurting.
    Again I asked are you proud of your
    Yours truly
    Present Me.