• realhope 4w

    Emotions and words.

    I feel like my emotions are so acute that what feels like one thing to you still feels like a bunch of stuff to me.

    How about dignity? To be dignified feels too stiff to me. I look at those dominoes and I see fakery and a need to impress.

    Respect is to know something is more capable than you. Bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, fiercer, better.

    But if it uses those abilities to cause fear and pain or force in demanding respect and humility it therefore negates it.

    And humility.
    To know you are small and helpless in some way you can't change or fix .
    Should only come with great nurturing and trust.
    because if its obviously not a threat than its weak of you to harm it and you should feel humble too.

    The truly strong should respect the pain and helplessness of the weak as a point of perception.
    Just as the weak should respect the strength and knowledge of the strong with recognition.
    If the strong harm the weak than the strong are themselves no longer strong but weak.

    And fear ~ its supposed to protect you. Its supposed to tell you where the danger is.
    But its pointless if it blocks you from fighting when you need to fight.

    And everything just feels sad. Starvation and defeat.
    Depression are such draining pains that erode over time.
    Causing a pointlessness to the knowledge of itself.

    And rage.
    Is when your afraid of being afraid. You feel the need to protect or defend at all costs. But its a harmful extreme filled with such pain and memory of helplessness.
    To not be able to express yourself and get what you need calmly is so frustrating and threatening.
    It spends your energy quickly when you rage.

    Just as any extreme feeling.
    Except for joy, and happiness which increase themselves.
    Love and passion which holds every feeling intensely at some point .