• angelinabasudas 6w

    Giving up!

    It's the lack...
    I enjoy it.
    Feeling numb,
    Acting dumb
    I like it.

    'M letting it
    Lead me into
    The darkest abyss
    Of sinking black.

    My eyes have new tears.
    Tears of shame.
    Yet again, I'll fail.
    Nobody can tell:
    I'll keep it a secret as always.

    'I'm such a failure'
    Is not a good thing to utter
    As this is not how it goes
    A hero can never say this.

    Audience loves the friction
    Heck, I craved for drama
    Stories have it easier
    As pages, frames can move faster.
    I hated happy endings.

    Description of love?
    It's should be comical
    It's like having someone
    High on weeds.

    Now that I'm there
    Yes, me too.
    I never wanted it.
    I avoided it.
    Yet, I fell hard.

    They keep saying it-
    'You have to love enough to let go'
    Yeah of course I should
    'Cause he is too good.

    That's what I've done
    At least I've decided
    To do so
    Thinking about it anymore
    Is what I'm left with.

    Giving up feels good.
    To be blind
    To be deaf
    Walking asleep.

    I feel free.
    Today, I let go.
    Accepting is easier:
    Strings in hands of Master.
    As, I dance to his stinging beats!