• yuki814 10w

    Mysuru (Bylakuppe)

    Moving away from home
    To mysore, basically it takes
    Two hours and 72 km and
    152 miles
    If I m not wrong!

    Moving away from home
    Seems like hungry from
    1000years , and feels like
    searching for Homi-food

    Usually !
    The way Ama serves the meals
    Seems like she have master on that
    The way she do or does
    For us is in the next level
    That no one else do for us

    Now I feel like
    I want to escape from hostel
    Just to meet her !
    Just to meet her !

    Now Ama !
    You are 152 miles away from me
    I want to say that
    I miss you !
    And I miss you !