• qaynaat 26w

    For those who haven't studied Tarot symbolism, the High Priestess, tends a Pomegranate grove, and guards it, swords ready at her feet, the moon of knowledge and intuition at her head and in her lap.

    It is said that she doesn't show one, the way to the Pomegranate grove, not so easy, not so fast.

    (I explain, so that one doesn't make something else of the Pomegranate garden)

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    If you had only waited, my Love,
    Only waited, until I let fall my sword;

    I would've taken your two hands
    and led you inside

    the eternal groves of fruit, I tend.

    Now stands rustling
    in the summer breeze,
    All this planting,
    All this soiling,
    These flowering trees,
    These fruiting boughs;

    All these, my Love,
    had been for you!

    (I used to ask,
    Do you love Coconuts?

    When in the core of my soul,
    I had been all this while,

    Countless rubies
    with crystal hearts:
    A Reddening