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    Stars Above You #24

    I couldn't sleep.
    Memories flooding so fast like flying paper sheets.




    I hugged my pillow tighter.
    The soft, night time breeze served as comfort.
    I pulled my hand up, touching my cheek.
    It was smooth and fine, but it held inner scars.

    "You're worthless! You should've died with your father!"

    I closed my eyes.

    "Please. Just stop!"

    Inner silence.

    I wanted to cry again...
    But before a tear could come out of my eye,
    There was a knock.
    Then I heard him.

    "Isabella? Are you alright? Please open the door."

    I felt as if I was able to put down a heavy bag.
    I ran towards the door, and opened it.
    I then found myself engulfing him in an embrace.

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    Stars Above You #24