• calebgangmei 10w

    Love:An Imparadise

    Sweet evenings come and go,love,
    Scented flowers withered by wild Winter,
    Even crimson morrows asunder,love,
    Yet,our love will blooms ever longer.

    Exquisite seasons come and go,love,
    Even the stars in Heaven unseen,
    In the luminous Sunlight,love,
    But,I'll love thee true by keen.

    Lovely days come and go,love,
    And there'll no yesterday to come;
    For our life is only once,love,
    And thy love I'll calls my solely home.

    Better days will come,love,
    Better souls will be born,
    And our aspires will truly suffice,love;
    For I'll never blin thee forlorn.

    Caleb Gangmei