• only_if 11w

    The monkey king

    I remember walking
    Down the road
    towards the west.
    It was Not a beautiful journey
    And far from Being the best.
    Through the jungles
    And through the river
    I arrived to the kingdom
    Of the legendary monkey king.
    "This is my kingdom" he exclaimed
    "And I am the rules
    So go ahead and break them
    And you will die like fools
    Making your life miserable
    Is all I have in my goals
    So you can be assured you'll be sold Like pigs
    or slayed by the gallows.
    I will make you hate this kingdom
    Although you've come here
    In search of beauty and peace
    And clip your feathers
    So you cannot fly high
    In search of enlightenment beyond your reach.
    Once you are here
    You belong to me slave,
    Even every breath you take
    Requires a royal grant
    Of my name.
    And I rule this kingdom
    With an iron fist ofcourse,
    To slowly drive you insane"
    I was appalled by this nonsense of a creature they called "king"
    And later his minister whispered
    "Because he's not man enough
    To rule with respect
    Thus chooses by fear ofcourse
    And is not deserving of that ring."
    The people of the kingdom shared their tales,
    Tales which I believe the world disserves to know
    The tales of the monkey king being a contol freak
    and a little bitch once in the shallow.
    I know my voice doesn't matter
    Thus I will probably not raise it
    If it can't make a change
    It's better to silence myself yet again,
    So be it.
    Trapped there in this kingdom
    I stayed there happily
    Not because of the kingdom
    Or the monkey king
    But because of the people
    Who were equal slaves like me.