• batgirl26 9w

    If she says a no,
    It's a no.

    Its not a yes inside,
    And a no outside,
    It's a no,
    A no, is a no.

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    If she says a NO, it's a NO

    That touch on the shoulder and thighs comes under "gesture",
    Hand on hand, hand on the back,
    Since when did this become so "formal"?
    In real it's like asking for desires that are not normal.

    The compliments cum judgement about her body haunted her,
    Those scars incarnated permanently inside of her,
    When she found some courage and said a no,
    She was threatened to be fired in a go.

    She was a daughter and a sister,
    The very protectors of that girl couldn't be that saviour,
    Those connections were just wordly,
    Her childhood was robbed in reality.

    Her discomfort was not undeciphered,
    When she refused, she was forced,
    She was weak to escape from those vigorous actions,
    She was subjected to inappropriate satisfaction.

    She went through it as she was helpless,
    She wanted to stop but she was powerless.

    One day she felt like she can't take it no more,
    She decided to end this horror on her own,
    She raised her voice and said a no,
    She wasn't going to just let it go.

    She jerked those dirty hands away,
    She tried to push that monster far, far away,
    She didn't have a strength like that evil had,
    But she was successful with what she had.

    Her eyes were on fire,
    she was determined to stop the disaster,
    "One more step,
    you'll regret what happens next"

    The monster was shaken inside and out,
    Those eyes stared back in shock,
    Revealed something that was never shown,
    Was it horror? Was it guilt or what is pain?

    Now, the tables were turned,
    The victory and power was hers,
    She's got her dignity and self respect back,
    Never again had she walked on the same path.