• eldeesama 6w

    Out of my head

    I started somewhere
    I can't get you out my head
    My soul is garnish with happiness
    It came by
    Everyday everyday
    You are my pride with stride
    Your presence outweigh presence

    Your phone call at night
    Gives me strength for greater height
    Like play like play
    I want you
    Make up not
    I still want you
    Let them murmur
    I will glimpse your heart with pride

    You response was hopeful
    Your voice was outstanding like a child
    I am lucky to have you

    Let them say
    I will never say nay
    My lord heareth my prayer
    Only for me to keep you closer
    My heart is alive to witness the next of our adventure
    I will not point fingers to anyone
    For my lord will never fail me