• _the_mourning_sage_ 6w


    Often have I wondered
    As the thoughts, in my skull thundered
    What if I could build a ship,
    The laws of physics, that would skip?

    Not only would it sail the seas and stars;
    Even the past wouldn't be from it barred!
    The varying strokes of the future too,
    Could be reached by pressing a button or two.

    Who would I go to meet first?
    Who would I want satiating my thirst?
    Whose door would I knock down and burst,
    Share with the weight of that power, blessed or cursed?

    Would I go on to history change?
    Get drunk on ability, and become deranged?
    Or would I by the rules abide,
    Watch from afar, on that miracle astride?

    I may do this or may go with that,
    Never will I know, until this ball hits my bat.
    For while in theory, on the fence I am sat,
    Practice might see me leap to action stat.