• kandiie 5w

    Ask YourSelf

    There are days where you feel really Low and don't feel like your being productive or Eating healthy or staying fit.
    Then we see on social media and everywhere, where people being organized, Fit , productive and all.

    Sometimes we get motivated and get back to our healthy routine or start doing something productive..which is Great!!

    But the sad reality is that, most of the times we start to feel even more bad by comparing ourselves with them.

    Instead we can try doing this,
    Just take a deep breath..
    Leave about what everyone else is doing,
    Ask yourself,
    Do you like being the person who you are right now?
    What can you actually do to make even better version of yourself?

    You'll find the Answer and a Purpose
    Work for it
    Do everything you can

    But most importantly, remember that..
    This is a phase where everyone must cross their path. It is quite normal.
    Don't be so hard on yourself .
    All you need to do is ..
    Just take it slow ,
    Believe in yourself,
    Love yourself ,
    And there you are, you'll start to become the better person already!!