• adeladarling 6w


    Enough already... in and out of my free mind time.
    You are already living in my dreams, in them you and I are on the same team.
    I have intergraded you as part of my shadow my imagination running wild.
    Much rather walk the straight and narrow.
    My feeling unchanged.
    Except for the pain
    You don't want any part of me.
    Kicking the dirt thinking how could this be.
    I have done what you asked,
    you needed a fast.
    If I knew I never crossed your mind
    I would stop wasting our time.
    If you would just pray and ask
    You will receive while completing the task.
    So what do you say to
    today being the day.
    We blow florets into the wind
    and then let us pretend
    those are our troubles as we
    watch them fly away
    we continue to be friends yet
    another day.