• revecation 6w

    There are men who say, "boys don't want to hear about vaginas bleeding."
    The younger me could smell the misogny,
    Vaginas only meant to be toys,
    Breasts only meant to be sucked.
    Mouths only meant to blow,
    It's true I know.
    My waist meant to be compared to an hour glass, my voice only meant to quiver "aah, please fast."
    My mom telling me to wear skirts out less often
    Nirbhaya and more left forgotten,
    We don't want to be another of India's daughters.
    Do we?
    We have seen the law grinding the poor and the rich people building the law.
    Hence when we think about India, You and I, we don't understand, whether we should be proud or we should be ashamed of India?
    To the most confusing country in the world,
    Happy 74th independence day!
    Jai hind! Jai Bharat!
    -- Disha~ri