• lempuff 6w

    A poem about feminism #feminism #poem

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    Sure I’ll stop being a feminist

    I’ll stop being a feminist when you stop saying “not all men” or “but men get raped too”
    Because you’re just using someones trauma to deminish someone else’s
    Because when a man comes and talks about rape you say he should’ve enjoyed it, or to stop whining
    And i know i know
    “Not all men”
    But enough men
    Enough men to place a general fear in girls of “all men”
    Enough men to make me switch routes on the way home because the shorter route has less lights
    Enough men to make me quiver when one man stares at me too long
    Enough men to make all women affraid of you
    So don’t you dare tell me “not all men” until i can feel safe at night