• _wildrose 10w

    Bad timing

    I fell inlove with you in the moment I lease expected
    Your smile makes my heart happier even though I know that I am not the reason for it
    Whenever you're near all I wanted to do is to make my arms embrace you and to never let you go but I can't
    One night,
    you called my name,
    you came near me and look at me straight in the eye
    I can't move, I can't even utter a word
    It seemed like you glued my feet to the grounds I can't even blink
    You looking at me directly in my eyes melted me in a way that I know you can read what's inside my heart
    You hold my hand and uttered the words I've been long wanting to hear
    "I love you"
    I was so shocked and tears started to freely move without control
    and just like the movie, the rain started to fall
    You pinned me to the wall and uttered the words again
    "I love you, I said I love you"
    I was about to say how much I love you too
    but then,
    my alarm clock rang and my dreams have gone astray
    just like how she stole and took you away --