• shwetadas 23w


    age is relative, something experienced
    einstein's theory would back me up
    when someone calls me aunty
    my reaction is relative enough

    an exhaustive appraisal of the miscreant
    and the sentencing in my head is done
    if it's a kid, my look softens
    it's not their fault
    i perhaps remind them of their mom

    but if it's a grown up
    that's just shattering, when i'm done fuming away
    i must be feeling low
    or coming down with something
    i must be looking twice my age

    i make many resolves and it's not even new year
    1. to dress more youthful, 2. to color my hair chocolate or purple
    3. to lose all this excess weight
    but come tomorrow, they all vanish
    with brownies, netflix, and sponge cakes

    but if it's the grey
    that's got them all mixed up
    i am all forgiving, i am quite reasonable that way
    they are probably worried, or have temporary blindness
    unable to cope with their own looming old age

    S. P. Das