• sweetk 10w


    I always talk about so much pain
    Yet, I never really seem to show it
    I play it cool
    I've got my guard
    And for any bystander,
    My life seems breezy
    But once you
    Seep through my bubble
    You've learned something
    You can't unlearn
    Here we are
    Dancing this dance
    Intertwining amongst ourselves
    And the music
    I fucking hate dancing
    If you knew me
    You'd know that
    This music is good
    But I just want to
    Moving my body
    So sensually
    Next to yours
    Isn't going to be the fix
    Maybe A fix,
    A short time allowing me
    To block out
    Without blacking out
    But I'll still remember tomorrow
    You know I hate dancing
    But you keep playing the music
    Alluring me with songs
    You know
    Touch my heart
    I obviously can't sit still through this
    You lead me closer
    And stroke my face
    Brush away the hair in my eyes
    I want to keep myself hidden
    Here we are
    Face to face
    Enticing me to dance
    To show myself
    To let go of the pain
    If only for a moment
    I can breathe
    I'm scared
    But some warm essence
    Crawls up my back
    I actually feel free
    And content
    And peaceful
    For that moment
    I open my eyes and look around

    What song will life play next?