• katrinaw09 6w


    Life does not go by your time.
    It goes by the way you live.
    You do not have to be famous,
    To live a luxurious life.
    You do not have to be like the Kardashians or Jenners.
    Because to me,
    They have their life,
    And I have mine.
    I don't have to live, by what my parents expect of me.
    Yes I get good grades.
    Yes I get in trouble sometimes,oops,a lot.
    But isn't that, a normal teenagers lifestyle?
    I'm the smartest in my class.
    I'm in the smartest in my grade,except for a few other people.
    I get A's and B's.
    But that doesn't mean, that I'm living my parents,or the expected life.
    The expected...