• mattybobatty 6w

    I took time writing this.. Hoping its useful to insecure people out there..����

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    Her Silhouette Stands Silent

    Look at her, but not at how she crumbles in the mirror every morning from deep self insecurity.
    She excels at soccer ball,
    And always stops by study hall,
    Loves the weather in the fall,
    And about giving up; Not at all.
    In her eyes, she's just a rat,
    Or something like a large gnat,
    even thinks she's overly fat.
    When in truth, she is none of that.

    Shes a beauty on the board game of life,
    A poet of noises sprung by a fife,
    A hole in one in the fields golf lights,
    A human with passionate might.

    Love her. Don't leave her.