• sunglory 23w

    This is dedicated to our amazing country.

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    *Free * to * Fly *

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    More than half a century ago, our country declared free,
    Free from shackles of British rule,
    Uncaged from its cage, this golden bird is soaring,
    Soaring into vast stretches of land and horizons of sky,
    Embellished with the jewel of freedom our dreams are flying high,
    Lets foray these dreams into masterpiece of reality for humanity,
    Lets break the bondages and fly to eternity,
    Lets fly to the horizon and spread our wings to other civilizations,
    Weaving our culture into theirs and theirs into ours,
    Let our Earth witness peace, wealth and prosperity,
    Lets spread the message of harmony and tranquility,
    Lets make magnanimous effort to surmount all obstacles,
    Lets forge our way to eternity into deep sands of time,
    Carving a way for all future generations to be free,
    Free from the bondages of poverty, illiteracy and exploitation,
    Lets fly to be free and lets be free to fly.