• lollasmith 5w

    I hope by now you see that I will never bring down others to build myself up
    I hope that you understand somedays I am stronger than I am today
    I hope that when you look in the mirror these words will stay in your mind
    The only person that can change your life is the one staring back at you
    I hope that you never find yourself where I used to be
    Flat on my back in a place called rock bottom
    And all I had was me
    I hope that if you ever feel like you have to compete in life
    The words I so often use come pouring from your mouth
    The reason I do not compete is plain and simple you see
    I do not want what is yours and you cannot have what is mine
    I hope that even just a little
    No matter how small the moment is
    You somehow think back and see
    The words I said so many times
    Where more a silent plea
    Because even if I never see you again
    I'll still hope you are the best version of who you want to be.