• melanimonroe 46w

    All towers fall eventually

    She was broken ,afraid to admit that to anyone that got close.To say her eyes were welcoming meant that she'd have to be healing to consider welcoming her thoughts again ,which was very unlikely.You see she did not have Ex's, boys  nearly made a dent in her heart at all. There was no problem with showing affection in places it was needed. The problem was showing herself the affection she deserved. She thought of herself as undesirable something so horrible that even she couldn't love. But you'd never tell, her acting was so superb that you'd think that she has the world in her hands. But behind closed doors away from realms that held her secrets and her darkest fears , where social anxiety crept and crippling depression lay. She'd fall to her knees peeling away at the layers of her disappointment getting mentally stable to do it all again. She'd think of a tower, High and mighty above the rest but as the years go by all towers fall eventually.