• epiphaney 24w

    One day
    I just know that someday
    It will all go away
    Hurt and pain
    It want be the same
    Everyone will come together and say
    Peace and love
    While shouting praise
    Singing songs of freedom
    We will experience Eden
    Here on earth
    Everyone will know they worth
    You can tell how they walk
    How they talk
    Even what they eat or drink
    Just sit and think
    What it really means
    To be truly free
    Where would we be
    Could we truly see
    The essence of the Divine
    Realizing that all we have is time
    In control of our own minds
    Gaining more knowledge
    Understanding all options
    Having a choice
    Using your voice
    No more hiding
    No more violence
    The time is here
    The awaken ones cheer
    The time has come
    To help raise the vibration
    To help save nations
    & I'm grateful for this blessing