• yellowhearts 6w


    Been giving out my heart to the wrong people
    For the wrong reasons,
    To the right people for the wrong reasons,
    And now, I don't even know it's purpose.
    For some,
    The line between good and bad is blurred
    But mine is torn,
    By fragments of a broken heart.
    I get pierced,
    Trying to pull 'em together,
    Life happily drains it's way out,
    In crimson drops.
    I was all along,
    Blinded by greed,
    A trait I picked on survival avenue
    I call for help,
    But only get mocking echoes,
    Taunting and telling me to shout more.
    Am I now VOICELESS
    Have I become HEARTLESS
    Am I slowly going LIFELESS...