• thedeepdiver 22w

    Childhood is the most beautiful stage of our life. I've always loved the fairy tales and Peter Pan was my Favorite book. I always wanted him to take me to the the neverlands!! What's your favourite thing about childhood? Do share!! ���� @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @alluring_tulip @tomorrow_is_amazing @solitarysoul_amru @the_secret_soul #ni8ngle

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    Can I visit that lane again?
    Where I first walked upon.
    All those paper boats we made,
    Are they still floating around?
    The umbrella still lies in the corner,
    Seeking the rain & our long lost laughter.
    Will that time return?
    When ghosts were the only thing that haunted us not the masked people around
    Can I be the superhero that I once wished to become?
    Will it be possible to forget about the pain and smile again?
    When everything came from the heart without a second thought,
    Can the heart be the ruler once again?
    All the innocent bonds that we shared,
    Are they just selfish desires now?
    I wish Peter knocks on my window coming out of the fairytale,
    Ill fly with him to the neverlands!!
    Childhood will always remain the dream which I wish to see again!!!