• logophilgirl 9w

    Wanna be alone but actually NO..

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    Let me say!

    The one reading ,
    Give me your time,
    As thoughts leading..

    Dont distance from me
    Just let me be..
    What if i say rude,
    U can hear u r my dude..

    Just listen to me,
    Instead of leaving..
    Dont leave me
    With " bye" giving..

    When i say to leave me
    U should not believe me...
    Its time for support,
    Not for deport...

    I know i m mad ,
    But not that bad,
    If i can stand beside ,
    Thn why cant u decide...

    My hopes with you,
    Life slopes with you,
    Just stay when i say leave,
    I am ohk . How can u believe?

    When its low ,
    Let me blow ,
    Its nothing like hurting one,
    I m hurt by myself..
    Is my saying that painful,
    Thn the things in mind painful...

    Still i ll say sorry
    I recited my pathetic story...
    The nonsense i speak,
    My mind on its peak..

    Still u can hold on,
    When i say to move on..
    Just stay instead of leaving ,
    Scold instead of believing.....