• thrags 10w

    The Application Proclamation

    First things first,
    When problems can't seem to get worse,,
    An unmistakable feeling of despair & lack of courage,
    Comes forth,
    Before unbearable growing thoughts burst,

    Here is a bit of friendly advice,
    I know a marvelous church,
    Where they praise and rejoice,
    With the utmost love,
    All in the name of Christ,

    Let me tell you about their devout leadership
    What could it hurt?
    Pastors preach with guidance of the Holy Spirit,
    Along with practicing,
    Each and every aspect of the word,

    You couldn't begin to fathom or explain,
    How they constantly remain selfless,
    Willing to help no matter day, night, sun or rain,
    Without the slightest pinch of selfishness,

    Don't think for a minute,
    That they could ever be replaced,
    It would be the same as a car without an engine,
    What good is the body, if it has no face,

    Hope this brings some people to a realization,
    About the things I'm hesitant to mention,
    Such as my life being plauged by the devil's terrorization,
    Until they helped save my soul with nothing but Devine Intervention,

    To all facing complication and tribulations
    Be it from fear of revelation,
    Maybe a wealth situation,
    Something as serious as health degeneration,
    Students struggling with education frustration,
    Feelings of isolation due to lack of affirmation,
    Or difficulty coping a separation of relation,

    Seek solace and consolation,
    Because the truth is that it's all God's intention,
    Including our pastors helping guide us to our final destination,
    Finally bringing unification,

    Let us show our appreciation,
    By displaying gratification for those who lead our congregation,
    For unimaginable amounts of their dedication
    Best of all is their aspiriation,
    To do all they can to help us find peace in salvation,

    With that being said I want to thank them,
    They are loved in the fullest,
    They deserve nothing less,
    Than a standing ovation,