• mariko 9w

    I'm Not Her

    I promised I wouldn't do this again
    But now I'm not so sure
    Because in my chest there is a pain
    When I saw you with her

    You have no idea of your effect on me
    My feelings is something I censor
    I won't be noticed, I agree
    Because I am not her

    There is a clear difference between us
    She is pretty, spiritual and mature
    I am average and frivolous
    I can never be like her

    I wish that you would look my way
    But I know she is the one you prefer
    It'll break my heart to hear you say
    You should be more like her

    I'll tell you my feelings very subtly
    It's up to you to find out
    But since you never watch me
    Recognition is something I doubt

    When it comes to love I am an amateur
    So Even though I'll have to be a faint whisper
    Even though I'll have to silently suffer
    Even though I'll have to continually endure
    We can be the friends we always were
    Because you will like only her

    I know no matter the number of tries
    That in your eyes
    I won't ever come close to being like her