• aiswarya_arun 5w

    I wish I wrap my arms around you now,
    Holding you close and
    Embracing my flaws and insecurities in the space between us.
    I wish we were talking now,
    Of how your day went and
    Every detail of it,
    About the moments you'd live for, the dreams,the bad stuff and more.
    And me complaining and being too emotional over random stuff.
    You nodding to them hoping it'd end sooner and I'd talk something else.
    I wish I felt that feeling where i could anticipate your reaction to a thing only to have that blush to convey how much I know you.
    Only to convince myself that the bond we have is stronger day by day.
    I wish i could see you smiling now,
    And I wish I could tell myself how adorable you looked and how I wanted to see that forever.
    I wish I could tell you that everytime you hold my hand,
    And there's this confusion where who is holding it tighter,
    I get carried away by how beautiful the moment is only to tear myself up in the fear of losing this.
    I wish you were by my side,
    In this cold night,
    When things I don't understand,
    Numb me out,
    I need the warmth of your sound,
    Healing me,
    Showing me myself with brutal honesty,
    And to find my peace and home in you.
    I wish I saw you sleeping at least,
    Next to me occupying your space effortlessly.
    I don't know if that makes sense but I'd have told you that your heart is safe quietly.
    I'd have kissed you softly and let you know how much you mean to me,
    I'd have put my hands on your face only to remind myself how grateful I'm to have you.
    I wish you were here,
    So I could ask you if we could start this all over again,
    And not mess up like we did,
    To re love and re live the good memories,
    And never letting any hurt recur.
    I wish you call me by my name,
    Wipe off my tears,
    Sweep off my overwhelming,
    Tell me we are okay,
    Tell me that I'm enough,
    Tell me that we'll make it,
    Tell me that we will rise and grow,
    Tell me we won't be destructive and toxic,
    Tell me we'll love like how once we did.
    To a night spend in helplessness of telling you the things I want to tell you right now,
    I miss you tonight,
    I miss us more,
    And it aches,
    It aches.