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    True story

    School is supposed to be a place where you can hang with friends and learn new things.
    That's what school is for.
    School was not built for people to come and hurt others.
    School changes people for the better or for the worse.
    In this story, school changed one girl for the worse.
    This lead to a world of chaos.
    She was so sweet, shy, and loving.
    Until, she started dating the teachers son.
    She turned mean, talkative, and bossy.
    She thought she was the boss of us.
    She thought everyone obeyed her.
    That wasn't true though.
    People looked at me for their problems.
    I was the one who tried to keep everyone safe and happy.
    This girl and I were friends until she changed.
    We got into fights.
    She thought that she could hurt me.
    All she did was hurt herself.
    She started dragging my best friend into the situation.
    She started hurting my friend because she knew that it made me mad and it hurt my friend.
    Months passed and it started taking a toll on the whole grade.
    Then, my friend tried to commit suicide on school grounds.
    People were trying to stop her.
    I yelled at those who helped Danica and screamed at those who didn't care.
    The school office didn't care that there was someone commuting suicide on school grounds.
    My friend stopped trying to kill herself after I talked to her.
    That day I almost went to jail for murder.
    If my friends hadn't stopped me from beating Danica to death, I wouldn't be where I am today.
    Stop bullying.