• zoya_charmz 5w

    Life is a roller coaster ride and we try to survive everyday besides being apprehensive.
    No matter how tough we go through still we hope to rise with the utmost willingness.

    That's the beauty of life even though it's harsh we overcome our every fears of failure and dare to face it even at a weak point of time.
    We are the generation who always strive to unfurl the wings and fly.

    The most important thing is that this generation knows what is to be kind, compassionate, humane and how to break the stereotypes.

    No wonder how much may be the negativity spreading around everyday but there are genuinely some people out there who always see things in the right way and all these influences us so much that we start to see life in a different way and began to chase our own dreams.

    While turning our dreams into reality we unknowingly inspire so many that it turns into a chain of inspiration from person to person.
    Our dreams might be a choice but it starts to benefit the millions.

    Because dreams are not like a diamond in the showcase but like the innumerable stars that has the power to embellish the dark sky.