• thuggacee 6w

    Dimond in the ruff

    i was just a seed until They threw dirt on me that's how I grew
    Turned a dimond in a ruff that finally had enough
    Looked love in the eye and lust shown it to be a lie
    Trusted all the wrong and when I seemed weak I was proven strong
    Yea I may be da one thuga ce but secretly fighting demons off me
    Got the devil looking this way I'm running from hell not trying to stay
    I'm searching for myself they say it's been while since I seen thuga ce
    Have all these deminds taken over my mind or am I waiting for myself to find
    Gave up on but still life went in with so much going on
    I'm so gone my mind's gone need these demons gone
    I'm not trying no more or crying like before anymore
    I'm back in action I'm hell of a attraction don't need no distraction
    So take a step back and throw more dirt on me so I can grow more
    I am a dimond in the ruff and I tell my demons goodbye I had ebough