• paradoxroutine 9w

    Shel'sheon Al'jinn the Shadow

    Follow suit as we make repute
    Guide for the middle ground
    Void between abyss
    While you burn.
    Time keeps rolling.
    Rolling as the logs from a great tree
    A mastered pine felled.
    Crystal leafs fall upon the earth
    Splintering as broken glass
    Cutting at the veins of a misinterpreted life.
    Phase out you interdimensional hunter.
    Upon the sacred ground.
    Holding my holy heart in your grasp
    Give your breath to the earth realm
    So the gypsum light doesn't give way
    You'll be my curse to the end of the circle
    Be my gift traitor.
    Be the knife between my ribs.
    Show the sin you give.
    So that we may know a smokeless fire.
    Dear sire of an endless mire.
    Find the window with the glass I shattered.