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    Yeshua is Truth

    My time, persecution is coming, Confined, Still Confusion is money, The illusion of running, Engaged in a war that is Stunning, Cunning from the mind, Elavation that's blind, the mind is a power of Cells, Still it's my time, Confirm to what is new, The level still is feud, I'm engaged to what my father has told, To focus on the old, U can't buy what is sold, the ending is Foretold, Folklore what is said, DNA is what is dead, I look forward to what's coming, U won't find any dread, Colors turn from Green to Red, from the tail to the head, The Lion is The truth, mount Zion is the LED, I'm shooting from the Soul, Reformed as retold, mold, I'm not sold , Astronomical hold, Saints to the angels, paints at different angles, mistook for the enemy, as beast is to tangle, update from the web, A spider that is thread, Different in a sense, send me the head, I'm equipped with The Holy, Jesus is my strength, Ego trips of the toll, It's called Divined Length, simple as a dove, As shrewd as the serpent, The world needs Love, And I've made it my servent
    Way truth life as strife turns to stripes