• rishita_pandey 22w

    Diary of girl ,deep into love with her soulmate ,this is diary of any girl dreaming about a beautiful relationship that involve the care ,love affection ...
    She wants to be treated like a child when he loves him ,
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    It's about the feeling ,falling in love for the first time
    I was a girl ,fond of reading love stories
    Waving the dreams of my own happy world
    I slept in the nights with hope of meeting my prince someday
    Little bit filmy or crazy I was ,
    One day I bypassed a guy ,what a geek he was ?
    Perfect combination of nerd and calmness .
    He came in my life with a blow
    And left my face lit up with a glow ,
    I was bit hesitated in our first meeting ,
    But then he wasn't stranger any more .
    I felt like didn't I know him from so long ?
    As he was my soulmate and here I wasn't wrong .
    He understood me better than my own self
    And then I didn't need anyone except him for my help
    His touch made me shiver right up to my soul ,
    My heart pumped the blood so fast that I guess it had a hole
    He was my destiny and became my future ,
    And I wasn't a crazy girl dreaming anymore ,
    I found him ,I found my prince not on a horse
    But in reality standing with me ,holding my hand ,looking into my eyes and saying
    I am not here for going ,I am not here for cheating
    I am here my dear for living .
    Living,rest of my life with you my wife