• bushra_tasneem 6w


    He painted my life with colours so beautiful,
    his mere presence made my life so blissful.
    Those pink roses which filled aroma in my heart and mind,
    and those purple tulips which he gave were one of a kind.
    The blue colour of the sky looked mesmerising when we walked together hand in hand,
    he was the perfect guy for me on this entire land.
    The sunset which had a yellowish tint; looked more beautiful as we kissed.
    The times spent with him always make me smile even when my life is pissed.
    The reason of my smile, happiness and laughter,
    he is the one whom I want for forever and after.
    I love him so much that I can shout it out,
    he is indeed a rainbow in my cloud.

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    He is indeed a rainbow in my cloud.