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    A profound and caring affection towards someone or a feeling of intense attraction towards someone.

    Yes I believe in miracles
    This is what that happened when you started loving me...
    To love means to adore the person fully..to remind them how magical they are...to show them no one debarage them ..he/she is a pearl that needs to be preserved..to get engrossed in their charm...to boast "Yaar Mai tere liye chaand Taare v Tod kr laa skta hu" even when you both know ghnta Aisa kux hoga��
    I won't bring stars for you..
    P.S I'll get burnt into ashes..
    But i promise I'll brighten your life more than they do..

    A relationship in which a two person is vaguely or indirectly acquainted.

    To me friendship is not definitely the word one would write with sophistication..yaar hai tu mera..a friend is one who teases you, mocks you, who fights with you and who says "Mere alawa teri beizzati koi Ni kr skta " "tere bf Ko Mai Peet dungi if usne firse teko rulaya" the one who snatches away your momos , the one who is your crime partner..the one without whom every party seems boring..
    That idiot won't read this
    She is busy in snoring...

    #logic_wt #love #friendship @writerstolli

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