• ashmitamagar 6w

    I have a dream

    As i wake up everyday ,
    I see my blurry dream ;
    A creeper with no support,
    Craving sunlight , absorbing the dew , breathing the toxins .
    Through rain , storm and heat i survived
    I turned my face to the sun hoping that one day my efforts will become my support tommorow
    I want to give up
    But there is this one dream that keeps me going
    Keeping me out of my comfort zone
    Giving me sleepless nights

    Sometimes i fear failure
    But then i recall the phrase " the secret to success is trying just one more time"

    So no matter how painful it is
    No matter how much I suffer now
    When i think of it, it soothes my weary eyes and gives warmth to my cold heart

    I wonder how precious would be the moment when my dream shall be true

    As for now it's 5:15AM, It's time for me to sleep
    Tommorow is another battle again
    Before that let me have a peaceful 7 hours of sleep