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    Inside My Negative Mind: The Chronicles #life #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Confessions: Inside My Negative Mind III

    The friend you used to party with? You can't even call him because you heard he has two kids now and issues with his wife, besides been chasing a hustle. Your best friend? You guys can't even talk anymore because you couldn't date each other, and you're just friends because society makes you think so. Your family? Everyone will hate you because of your decisions, or everyone will "love" you, yet hate you for the things you have that they don't, perhaps because of the way you treat them? But it'll be your life, and it'll be theirs, and it'll be complicated, and you won't care, because you'll be at that point, and nobody will ever understand. Life is so loud right now and a lot is happening; is anyone listening to the important shit? All that will one day quiet down like a radio.